Metametheus & The Rising Sun

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After many years growing up amongst humanity in Polis, Metametheus felt it was important to travel through the wide world. He had heard stories of different peoples in distant lands, and wanted to discover their customs, stories, and ways of life.

Having started off his journeys towards the West, he visited many different lands and had encountered wonders he had never envisaged during his time in Polis. Then one day, the world had become unexpectedly plunged into darkness. Lost in the darkness, he found himself in the Middle Land of the Reed Plains.

Taking the name Amatsumara, he met the wise Omo-Ikane and asked why the world had gone dark with no day. Omo-Ikane told him that Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, had locked herself in the Celestial Cliff Cave to hide from her older brother Susanowo, the God of Storms, who had been cruel to her. Without her presence in the world, there would be no daylight, and chaos and terror would abide. Something needed to be done, and so together they devised a plan.

The plan required many to assist, so Omo-Ikane sought those who he knew would be able to help. Metametheus had learned many skills during his travels and growing up in Polis, and he began immediately to craft a large mirror. The mirror was octagonally-shaped, and fashioned from bronze. Its design was such that it was able to catch the image of truth and reflect it. He named it in the native tongue of the land, Yata-no-Kagami.

Meanwhile, Ameno-Koyane and Futodama were called to the entrance of the Celestial Cliff Cave. They began to perform a ritual of divination with bones. Metametheus attached his mirror to a Sakaki tree that grew directly at the mouth of the cave, alongside a piece of Jade from Heaven.

Standing in a circle around the tree, eight Kami-spirits came. They were Tsyankami, Kunekami, Kannekami, Likami, Jennekami, Sunokami, Gennekami, and Doiyekami. Each of these great spirits chanted a mantra of sacred syllables, while in the circle and around the tree, the goddess Ameno-Uzumi danced. She exposed her breasts and lowered her skirt, fervently and erotically moving her body in tune with the Kami-spirits’ music.

Hearing the noise outside, Amaterasu peeked out, enquiring what all the mirth and revelry was about. Metametheus, dressed in the land’s garb, told her they were honouring one greater than her. She was curious as to who this could be, and was intrigued by the appearance of a god she had not met before. She was also cautious as she thought this may be a trap set by her cruel brother.

She looked into the circle of kami, and there hanging from the tree she spied the image of stunningly beautiful goddess — it was of course her reflection in the mirror Metametheus had fashioned. She leaned further out of the cave, wanting to get a closer look at this shining being; and as she did so, Ameno-Tajikarawo, a god known for his immense strength, took her arm and drew her out of the cave. Futodama threw aside his oracle bones and drew a shirikume rope behind her; he proclaimed loudly that Amaterasu would not be able to cross the rope and return into the cave, unless she needed to rest and recover from her constant shining forth.

With the goddess once again in their midst, all those who were present gathered and danced ceremonially around the Sakaki tree. The eight kami-spirits each chant their mantra and played their instruments while everyone joined in and followed Ameno-Uzumi’s erotic movements. The Mirror continued to catch the image of Amaterasu, her beauty and sincerity were reflected out to the entire Universe; as her reflection touched the piece of Heavenly Jade, Amaterasu’s countenance of light shone across Heaven and Earth, and once again Dawn broke, and the sun rose in the sky again.

For his efforts with crafting the eight-sided mirror, Metametheus was gifted a workshop in the land to continue to craft divine treasures. All the gods, goddesses, and kami-spirits commissioned him to forge ritual tools, and weapons. He learned the secrets of divination and with the wisdom of Futodama, learned how to fashion armour that protected the wearer from evil thoughts and words.

The goddess Amaterasu was particularly grateful for him, and in return for his part in her rebirth, she gifted him a vial of her light. He fashioned helmets, incorporating the design of Kagami-mirror, and used a drop of the light in their metal, which gave them a quality which allowed the wearer’s true visage to shine forth and blind their enemies.

After a time, he left the Middle Land of the Reed Plains and continued his travels throughout the world. However he remembered his time at the Celestial Cliff Cave fondly, and continued to carry the Vial of Amaterasu’s Light where-ever he went, as a reminder of the beauty of the rising sun.

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