2020: Year Of The Metal Rat

Once again it is time for me to delve into the ancient Chinese astrological texts, and contemplate the Taoist and alchemical symbols in preparation for the Lunar New Year on January 25, 2020. Year of the Metal Rat will challenge us to play it small, and accumulate what we need for the new life that we’re preparing for.

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Nothing Started, Everything Finished

Modern religions still follow the example of earlier, undeveloped tribes and exalt past religious leaders to influence present-day people who lack true spiritual knowledge. Holy books are infused into people’s minds and misinterpretations of these books are invented to fit all situations, while the ‘living book’ of individual self-cultivation and personal growth is suppressed.

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guardians of immortality

Guardians Of Immortality & Transience

The NGV International’s 2019 winter masterpiece exhibition Terracotta Warriors: Guardians Of Immortality was concurrently run with an exhibition by modern Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang. The contrast between ancient and modern China was brought to life in an original way, that tickled my fascination with ancient Chinese history. It also reminded me about how history repeats.

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